Biology and Bioengineering

Name Field of Study Practicum Location
Arianna KrinosBiological OceanographyPracticum Not Yet Completed
Mary LaPortePlant BiologyPracticum Not Yet Completed
Jack LindseyComputational NeurosciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Rebekah LovingComputational BiologyPracticum Not Yet Completed
Kari NormanEcologyOak Ridge National Laboratory (2018)
Danilo Perez JrNeural SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Ellis TorranceEnvironmental Health SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed

Computer Science and Math

Name Field of Study Practicum Location
Christiane AdcockComputational and Mathematical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Peter AhrensComputer ScienceSandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (2019)
Robert BaraldiApplied MathematicsLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2018)
Argonne National Laboratory (2020)
Marc DavisComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Priya DontiComputer Science and Public PolicyNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (2018)
Scott EmmonsComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Ethan EpperlyApplied and Computational MathematicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Justin FinkelComputational and Applied MathematicsLos Alamos National Laboratory (2019)
Koby HayashiComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Edward HutterComputer ScienceOak Ridge National Laboratory (2019)
Louis JenkinsComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Anya KatsevichApplied MathematicsLos Alamos National Laboratory (2019)
Ariel KellisonComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Margaret LawsonComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Kaishu MasonStatisticsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Guy MooreMaterials Science and EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
William MosesComputer ScienceLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2019)
Albert MusaelianApplied MathematicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Samuel OlivierNuclear EngineeringLos Alamos National Laboratory (2019)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2020)
Melissa QueenInformation TheoryNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (2019)
Rachel RobeyApplied MathematicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Lawrence RoyCybersecuritySLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (2019)
Benjamin SepanskiComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Jason TorchinskyMathematicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Margaret TrautnerComputing and Mathematical SciencesPracticum Not Yet Completed
Caitlin WhitterComputer ScienceLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2019)
Amalee WilsonComputer SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Boyan XuComputational biologyPracticum Not Yet Completed
Paul ZhangGeometric Data ProcessingSandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (2019)


Name Field of Study Practicum Location
Alexandra BaumgartMechanical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Kyle BushickMaterials SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Emily de JongMechanical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Anthony DeglerisElectrical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Ian DesJardinAerospace EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Sarah GreerMathematics and Computational ScienceLos Alamos National Laboratory (2019)
Los Alamos National Laboratory (2020)
Morgan KelleyProcess SystemsArgonne National Laboratory (2018)
Nikita KozakMechanical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Logan KunkaAerospace EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Peter LalorNuclear EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Kyle LennonChemical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Alicia MagannQuantum ControlSandia National Laboratories, California (2019)
Sandia National Laboratories, California (2020)
Graham PashComputational Science, Engineering and MathematicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Justin PorterMechanical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Luis Rangel DaCostaMaterials SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Jesse RodriguezPlasma PhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Kevin SilmoreChemical EngineeringOak Ridge National Laboratory (2019)

Physical Science

Name Field of Study Practicum Location
Christopher BalzerChemical EngineeringPracticum Not Yet Completed
Thomas BlommelPhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Kaley BrauerAstrophysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Jacob BringewattPhysicsThomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (2019)
Lindsey ByrneAstronomyPracticum Not Yet Completed
Madelyn CainPhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Matthew CarboneChemical PhysicsBrookhaven National Laboratory (2018)
Gabriel CasabonaTheoretical AstrophysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Jennifer CoulterComputational Materials PhysicsOak Ridge National Laboratory (2019)
Kimberly CushmanPhysics Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (2020)
Kiran EidenAstrophysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Nicholas EzzellPhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Margot Fitz AxenAstronomyPracticum Not Yet Completed
Ryder FoxMeteorology and Physical OceanographyPracticum Not Yet Completed
Steven FrommPhysicsLos Alamos National Laboratory (2019)
Olivia HullPhysical ChemistryNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (2019)
Dipti JasrasariaChemistry (Physical - Theory)Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2019)
Grant JohnsonPlasma PhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
K. Grace JohnsonChemical PhysicsNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (2019)
Christopher KanePhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Jonas KaufmanComputational Materials ScienceLawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2019)
Claire KopenhaferAstrophysicsSandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (2019)
Miriam KreherNuclear EngineeringLos Alamos National Laboratory (2018)
Nishad MaskaraPhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Cole MilesTheoretical Condensed MatterPracticum Not Yet Completed
Quentarius MooreChemistrySandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (2018)
Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (2019 )
Laura NicholsComputational Solid State PhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
Jamin RaderClimate DynamicsPracticum Not Yet Completed
David RogersEarth System SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Steven StetzlerAstronomyPracticum Not Yet Completed
James SullivanAstrophysicsArgonne National Laboratory (2019)
Benjamin TomsAtmospheric ScienceLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2018)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2019)
Michael ToriyamaComputational Materials SciencePracticum Not Yet Completed
Steven TorrisiMaterials PhysicsLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2018)
Anda TrifanTheoretical and Computational BiophysicsArgonne National Laboratory (2020)
Michael TuckerAstronomyLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2019)
Santiago VargasTheoretical and Computational ChemistryPracticum Not Yet Completed
Annie WeiQuantum InformationFermi National Accelerator Laboratory (2019)
Zachary WeinerCosmology, High EnergyArgonne National Laboratory (2018)
Malia WennyChemistryArgonne National Laboratory (2019)
Claire ZarakasAtmospheric SciencesPracticum Not Yet Completed
Lauren ZundelPhysicsPracticum Not Yet Completed