Daily Virtual Poster Presentation Schedule

Monday, July 19
1Kaley BrauerAEos Project: Modeling Galactic Chemical Evolution in Dwarf Galaxies with Individual Stars
2Justin FinkelLearning Rare Stratospheric Transitions from Short Simulations
3K. Grace JohnsonQuantum Chemistry at Scale: Multi-Node Multi-GPU Two-Electron Integral Code Generation
4Lawrence RoyThree Halves Make a Whole? Beating the Half-Gates Lower Bound for Garbled Circuits
5Samuel OlivierHigh-Order Variable Eddington Factor Methods for Thermal Radiative Transfer
6Jacob BringewattEffective Gaps are not Effective: Quasipolynomial Classical Simulation of Obstructed Stoquastic Hamiltonians
7Caitlin WhitterMolecular Property Prediction With Graph Neural Networks
Tuesday, July 20
1Steven FrommGeneral Relativistic Neutrino Radiative Transport in Astrophysical Simulations
2Paul ZhangManifold Valued Subdivision Splines
3Christiane AdcockHybrid RANS-LES of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer for Wind Farm Simulations at Exascale
4James SullivanAn Analytic Hybrid Halo + Perturbation Theory Model for Small-scale Correlators: Baryons, Halos, and Galaxies
5Olivia HullDeveloping a State-By-State Understanding of Polarizability within the GW Approximation
6Anda TrifanDeep Learning Driven Adaptive Sampling Methods for Targeting Cancer and COVID-19
7Michael TuckerThe Host Galaxy of ASASSN-14ko: A Dual-AGN Galaxy Merger
Wednesday, July 21
1Sarah GreerSuper-Resolution with the Zero-Phase Imaging Condition
2Jesse RodriguezInverse Design of Plasma Metamaterial Devices for Optical Computing
3Edward HutterAccelerating Distributed-Memory Autotuning via Statistical Analysis of Execution Paths
4Dipti JasrasariaInterplay of Surface and Interior Modes in Exciton-Phonon Coupling at the Nanoscale
5Ryder FoxDoes Increased Horizontal Resolution Improve Modeled Precipitation in Hurricane Simulations?
6Kimberly CushmanLaplacian Heaviside Method for Compsite Dark Matter Scattering
7William MosesInstead of Rewriting Foreign Code for Machine Learning, Automatically Synthesize Fast Gradients
8Steven StetzlerFast Emulation of Expensive Simulations Using Approximate Gaussian Processes