2014 DOE CSGF Annual Program Review Presentations

Tuesday, July 15 – Thursday, July 17
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel, Arlington, VA

Tuesday, July 15
Sarah Richardson Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow in Genomics, DOE Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; DOE CSGF Alumna We’ll Use a Teeny Tiny Lasso: The Domestication of Bacteria
Session I
Evan Gawlik Stanford University Universal Meshes for Problems With Moving Boundaries (Not Released)
Scot Miller Harvard University Emissions of Methane and Nitrous Oxide in the United States
Aleah Caulin University of Pennsylvania Computing the Cure: An Integrative Genomic Analysis to Directly Impact Patient Clinical Care
(Not Released)
Edgar Solomonik University of California, Berkeley Minimizing Communication in Numerical Linear Algebra
2014 Howes Scholar Award
David Brown Director, Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2014 Frederick Howes Scholar Award Announcement
Hayes F. Stripling IV Research Engineer, ExxonMobil; DOE CSGF Alumnus Parametric Uncertainty Quantification for Nuclear Reactor Depletion Calculations: An Exercise in Computational Sciences
Session II
Carmeline Dsilva Princeton University Registration and Temporal Ordering of Images in Studies of Biological Development
Thomas Fai New York University A Discrete Model of the Red Blood Cell Cytoskeleton and Its Use in Immersed Boundary Method Simulations (Not Released)
Zachary Ulissi Massachusetts Institute of Technology Understanding Corona Phase Molecular Recognition Sensors on Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Wednesday, July 16
Session III
Devin Matthews University of Texas Non-orthogonal Spin-adaptation of Coupled Cluster Methods With Quadruple Excitations
Miles Lopes University of California, Berkeley Estimating Unknown Sparsity in Compressed Sensing
Irene Kaplow Stanford University A Novel Method for Understanding the Effect of Genetic Variation on DNA Methylation
Mary Benage Georgia Institute of Technology Fluid Dynamics of Pyroclastic Density Currents
Charles Frogner Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Vision for Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping (Not Released)
Christopher Eldred Colorado State University Structure Preserving Discretization of the Rotating Shallow Water Equations
Aaron Sisto Stanford University Data-driven Design of Quantum Photonic Devices
Tobin Smith Vice President for Policy, Association of American Universities Science Policy: The History You May Not Know
(PDF Only)
Session IV
Peter Maginot Texas A&M University Cross Section Spatial Discretization for Nuclear Engineering Calculations
Christopher Quinn University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Identification and Approximation of the Structure of Networks of Stochastic Processes
Seth Davidovits Princeton University Non-Maxwellian Effects in Inertial Confinement Fusion (Not Released)
Kenley Pelzer University of Chicago Quantum Biology: Elucidating Design Principles From Photosynthesis With Keldysh Green’s Functions (Not Released)
Thursday, July 17
HPC Workshop: Architectures
Rob Neely Associate Division Leader, Center for Applied Scientific Computing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Supercomputing 101: A History of Platform Evolution and Future Trends
Katie Antypas Services Department Head, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Preparing Your Application for Advanced Manycore Architectures
HPC Workshop: Applications
Judith Hill Task Lead for Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility Liaison Support, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; DOE CSGF Alumna Supercomputing 102: The Toolbox of a Successful Computational Scientist
Fred Streitz Chief Computational Scientist, Physical and Life Sciences Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Opening Frontiers: Extreme Capability Computing at LLNL
HPC Facilities Panel
Jack Deslippe HPC Consultant, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; DOE CSGF Alumnus NERSC for CSGF Fellows (PDF Only)
Judith Hill Task Lead for Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility Liaison Support, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; DOE CSGF Alumna An Overview of the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (PDF Only)
Scott Parker Application Performance Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
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