Wednesday, July 20
Morning: General Session
Timothy Germann Los Alamos National Laboratory Scale-Bridging Computational Materials Science: Heterogeneous Algorithms for Heterogeneous Platforms
Parviz Moin Stanford University Turbulence: V&V and UQ Analysis of a Multi-scale Complex System
Jeffrey Vetter Oak Ridge National Laboratory The Role of Programming Systems on the Road to Exascale Computing
Afternoon: Breakout Sessions
Paul Messina, Marta García, and Nichols Romero Argonne National Laboratory Pursuing Computational Science Research at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
Katie Antypas Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Getting Started at NERSC and Using the CSGF Allocation: An introduction and hands-on session (PDF)
Rebecca Hartman-Baker and Judith Hill Oak Ridge National Laboratory HPC Allocations at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (PDF)