Phase Field Methods for Flows with Elastic Membranes

Judith Hill, Carnegie Mellon University

Photo of Judith Hill

An open area of research in computational fluid dynamics is the study of multi-fluid flows, phenomena which arise in many real-world fluid mechanics applications.  In this talk, a phase field method for implicitly capturing the location of the interfaces in binarfluids will be discussed.  This approach avoids the computational geometry complexities associated with fully Lagrangian or front-tracking Eulerian methods. These complexities are particularly pronounced on parallel computers.

Additionally, for flows with elastic membranes separating the fluids, a phase field formulation for the membrane stresses will be presented.  The coupled membrane-fluid flow formulation is discretized by a combined continuous/discontinuous Galerkin method, which lends itself to an inherently parallel implementation.  A block Schur complement preconditioner neutralizes the ill-conditioning of the coupled system due to disparate material properties.  Parallel performance results demonstrate the efficacy of this preconditioner.

Abstract Author(s): Judith Hill<br />2005 Howes Scholar