Fellows present their research at the annual poster session.

Thursday, June 22 — 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Lumpkins Ballroom North

Group I — Presenting 3:00-4:00 p.m.
1Cody DennettTowards In-situ Thermo-mechanical Property Monitoring During Ion Irradiation
3Nathan FinneyInter-layer Interactions as a Function of Mismatch Angle in 2-D Systems
5Cole HolcombNonlinear Saturation of the Gyroresonant Cosmic Ray Streaming Instability
7Leo KirschQuasi-continuum Lifetimes With GRETINA
9Amy LovellInvestigating the Tail Behavior of Hydrocarbon Production Curves
11Benjamin MusciAn Experimental Investigation of Blast-driven Turbulence
13Brooklyn NobleShear Viscosity of Asymmetric Strongly Coupled Dense Plasmas
15Heather SandefurInvestigation of a Tin-lithium Eutectic as a Liquid Plasma-facing Material
17Collin StillmanPicosecond Time-resolved Observations of Dense Plasma Shifts
19Daniel WoodburyElectron Acceleration by Self-focusing of Mid-IR Laser Pulses at Critical Plasma Densities
Group II — Presenting 4:00-5:00 p.m.
2Erin GoodExperimental Prospects With the New Enge Split-Pole Spectrograph Setup at Florida State University
4Aaron (Miguel) HolgadoGravitational Waves From Accreting Neutron Stars Undergoing Common-envelope Inspiral
6Io KleiserRapidly Fading Supernovae From the Explosions of Massive Stars
8Cameron MeyersDensification of Polycrystalline Olivine Aggregates by Evacuated Hot-pressing
10Christopher MillerIgnition Threshold of Aluminized HMX-based PBXs
12Viktor RozsaAb Initio Studies of Water at Extreme Conditions
14Fabio Iunes SanchesWhat Does Locality Mean in Gravity?
16Alison SaundersX-ray Thomson Scattering From Spherical Implosions on the OMEGA Laser
18Richard VegaTransport Sweeps Using an Improved Slice Balance Approach With LDFE and GPU Acceleration