Benjamin Musci

  • Program Years: 2016-2020
  • Academic Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Field of Study: Thermal and Fluid Sciences
  • Academic Advisor: Devesh Ranjan
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2017)
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2020)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 2015

Current Status

  • Research Area: Thermal and Fluid Sciences



A.W. Marsh, T.M. Evans, B. Musci, J. Uzodinma, S.P. Kearney, D.R. Guildenbecher, and Y.C. Mazumdar. "Phase Distortion Cancellation Using Recalculated Intensity Propagation Phase Holography." Submitted to Optics Letters (04/2020).

B. Musci, S. Petter, G. Pathikonda, B. Ochs, and D. Ranjan. "Supernova Hydrodynamics: A Lab-Scale Study of the Blast-Driven Instability using High Speed Diagnostics." Submitted to The Astrophysical Journal (02/2020).

M. Mohaghar, J. Carter, B. Musci, D. Reilly, J. McFarland, and D. Ranjan. "Evaluation of turbulent mixing transition in a shock-driven variable-density flow." Journal of Fluid Mechanics (11/2017)

E. Jans, K. Frederickson, M. Yurkovich, B. Musci, J.W. Rich, and A. Adamovich. "Highly Vibrationally Excited CO Generated in a Low-Temperature Chemical Reaction between Carbon Vapor and Molecular Oxygen." Chemical Physics Letters (6/2016)

J.W. Campos, K. Hatzell, C.R. Dennison, B. Musci, V. Presser, E.C. Kumbur, and Y. Gogotsi. "Investigation of Carbon Materials for Use as a Flowable Electrode in Electrochemical Flow Capacitors." Electrochimica Acta (05/2013).

B. Musci, D. Ranjan. "High Speed Mie Scattering of the Blast Driven Instability." Presented at the 71st annual American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics Conference. Oral Presentation 11/2018

B.Musci, D. Ranjan. "The Blast Driven Instability: Preliminary Results" Presented at the 16th International Workshop on the Physics of Compressible Turbulent Mixing. Oral Presentation 07/2018

B. Musci, S. Petter, N. Dennisen, and D. Ranjan. "Supernova in the Lab: Blast Wave driven Rayleigh Taylor and Richtmyer Meshkov Instability" Presented at 69th Annual American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics Conference. Graduate Student Poster Competition 11/2016

K. Frederickson and B. Musci. "Chemical Production of Vibrationally Excited Carbon Monoxide from Carbon Vapor and Molecular Oxygen Precursors" Presented at 68th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference. Vol 60, No 9. PR3.00005. 10/2015

B.Musci, P.Worley, and J.Ryan."Buckeye Beekeeping: a product to track and maintain hive health." College of Engineering Senior Capstone Presentation-Presentation of Senior Design Capstone product, a novel device that allows for the weighing and tracking of any beehive by a single person. Product won Best In Show. 05/2014

B.Musci, M.Walsh, and D.Harris. "Measures to Increase Island Sustainability" Shoals Marine Lab Sustainable Engineering Internship Island Symposium -Presented findings for ten projects aimed to increase sustainability of Appledore Island. A daylong presentation to island students, biologists, and 30 marine, geoscience, academic, and energy
professionals. 8/2013

B.Musci. "Optimization of an Advanced Energy Technology: The Electrochemical Flow Capacitor." Drexel Summer Research Symposium-Presented NSF REU research findings at symposium for all engineering research conducted at Drexel University over the summer.


-NSF GRFP Awardee (declined): Awarded for submission of research proposal and personal
statement to NSF's graduate research fellowship, based on the impact of my intellectual
merit and broader societal impacts. GIT - 2016

-Georgia Tech Presidential Fellowship: Awarded for undergraduate academic and research
track record. Georgia Tech - 2015,2016

-Elliot Scholarship: Based on academic, research, and leadership achievements in
Mechanical Engineering. Ohio State-2013,2014,2015

-Rob Wolf Outstanding Senior Award: Awarded to one senior in Mechanical Engineering to
recognize students who excel academically while taking an active role in departmental,
college, university or community organizations; considered one of the highest recognition
for students in Mechanical Engineering. Ohio State - 2014

-Best In Show: Engineering Capstone Design Challenge: Awarded for superb design of a
practical and novel product in senior engineering capstone. The product: a device to track
and maintain beehive health by allowing a single beekeeper to weigh and track the health
of any beehive. Ohio State - 2014

-ThinkSwiss International Research Fellowship: Awarded funds to perform research in
Switzerland based on submitted research proposal, academic record, personal statement, and
societal involvements. Ohio State/University of Bern Applied Sciences - 2014

-Beanie Drake Scholarship: Campus wide award received for making a difference on campus
through exceptional leadership, outreach, and service activities. Ohio State - 2014

-Ohio State Provost Merit Scholarship: Based on high school academic achievement and ACT
scores. Ohio State - 2010-2014

-Evans Memorial Scholarship: Based on academic achievements in Mechanical Engineering.
Ohio State - 2012,2013

-Association of Energy Engineers Student Scholarship: Awarded for involvement and
leadership in field of energy engineering based on experience, academics, and leadership
ability. Columbus, OH - 2012

-Diversity Leadership Training Award: Received for completing series of workshops, tests
and presentations over the course a year that questioned, explained, and forced students
to reflect on the true meaning of diversity. Ohio State - 2011

-Italian-American Society of Summit County Scholarship: Based on academic achievement,
extracurricular activity, community service, and personal essay. Akron,OH-

-Italian-American Professional Businessman's Club Scholarship: Awarded for academic
achievement and potential as a future businessmen based on an interview, essay, and
previous experience. Akron,OH - 2010