Benjamin Musci, Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo of Benjamin Musci

This talk highlights the experimental work done to map the hydrodynamic behavior of the so-called "Blast-Driven Instability." In this instability, two different-density gases are forced to mix when they are impacted by a blast wave. Understanding the mixing driven by this instability is important for both Inertial Confinement Fusion and for bettering our understanding of Supernova evolution. Using high spatial and temporal resolution experimental techniques, the instability was captured undergoing a range of behaviors. Two key parameters that govern the instability were varied to generate the different effects. The talk also highlights work completed to replicate the experimental test with a Large Eddy Simulation using LLNL's Miranda hydrocode.

Abstract Author(s): Ben Musci, Sam Petter, Britton Olson, Gokul Pathikonda, Devesh RanjanBenjamin