Envelope Model Simulation of Realistic Laser Pulses at the Texas Petawatt Laser

Kathleen Weichman, University of Texas

Photo of Kathleen Weichman

In laser wakefield acceleration, an intense laser pulse drives a nonlinear plasma wave, generating accelerating gradients up to three orders of magnitude higher than found in conventional radio-frequency accelerators. Laser wakefield accelerators can produce sub-milliradian divergence, femtosecond-duration electron bunches over acceleration lengths of less than a meter. Quasi-monoenergetic electron spectra in excess of 2 GeV have been reported at the Texas Petawatt Laser facility<sup>1</sup>. Gaussian and near-Gaussian beam simulations predict energies higher than have been experimentally demonstrated<sup>2</sup>. Real laser pulses often exhibit intensity and phase irregularities and may deviate significantly from the ideal Gaussian profile. New methods in particle-in-cell (PIC) codes, such as the implementation of the envelope model in VORPAL<sup>3,4</sup>, have lowered the computational cost of simulating the early evolution of laser wakefields in three dimensions. Future simulations will capture the entire accelerating structure, starting with an early-time envelope model simulation, continued by a boosted frame PIC simulation<sup>5</sup>. As the first stage in a full 3-D laser wakefield simulation, we present early-time VORPAL envelope model simulations of wakefields produced by laser pulses with experimentally measured profiles from the Texas Petawatt Laser.

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Abstract Author(s): K. Weichman, A.V. Higuera, D.T. Abell, B. Cowan, N. Fazel, J.R. Cary, M.C. Downer