Judges review the fellows’ posters using the following criteria:

  • Oral Presentation – To what extent was the short oral presentation delivered in a way that was logical, informative and responsive to questions? Did the presentation give a brief summary of the research while indicating its purpose and value?
  • Visual Presentation To what extent did the visual aspects of the poster effectively aid in communicating the research?
  • Overall Effect To what extent did the poster have impact, clarity and accessibility to a variety of audiences?

The purpose of the poster contest is to give DOE CSGF fellows experience in communicating science. Science communication at a conference typically occurs in a variety of audiences; this demands a spectrum of communication approaches, from "shop talk" with science colleagues to a more basic approach with lay persons and the press. 

Posters may be judged by people who are not experts in the presenter's field, so fellows are encouraged to take this into account when preparing their presentations.  Even if the science content isn't a breakthrough for the field, the presenter still has the opportunity to create great visual, oral and overall impact in a poster presentation.

Winning categories and prizes are as follows:

  • Overall – $200 and prize
  • Novice (for first year fellows) – $100 and prize
  • Honorable Mention – $100 and prize for each

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