Topologically protected quantum state transfer in a chiral spin liquid

Norman Yao, Harvard University

Photo of Norman Yao

Topological protection has emerged in diverse contexts ranging from quantum memory to electron teleportation. Here, we propose and analyze a novel approach for quantum state transfer between remote spin qubits mediated by the edge mode of a chiral spin liquid. In previous approaches, the fidelity of quantum state transfer depends sensitively on disorder-induced localization. To overcome this sensitivity to disorder, we investigate the topologically non-trivial phase of an exactly solvable 2-D spin Hamiltonian, ultimately demonstrating the possibility of achieving robust, topologically protected quantum state transfer through the associated chiral Majorana edge mode. In addition to its inherent robustness against disorder, the proposed method has unique advantages in comparison to previous approaches, in relation to both decoherence and implementation. Realistic imperfections, decoherence effects and generalizations are discussed.

Abstract Author(s): Norman Y. Yao, Chris R. Laumann, Hendrik Weimer, Alexey V. Gorshkov, Liang Jiang, Ignacio Cirac, Peter Zoller, Mikhail D. Lukin