Modeling Laser Created Plasmas and Extreme Ultraviolet Lasers

Mark Berrill, Colorado State University

Photo of Mark Berrill

Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lasers operating with wavelengths between 10-100 nm are of great interest for applications such as metrology, lithography, nanotechnology, plasma diagnostics, and photophysics/photochemistry. These lasers are created in hot, dense plasmas that are generated through absorption of a high intensity laser. A full understanding of the EUV lasers and the plasma characteristics is necessary to understand and improve the EUV lasers for many applications. Modeling these plasmas and the resulting lasers presents a difficult challenge due to the wide variation of the plasma properties and the necessary level of detail to properly simulate the laser amplification. This talk will cover current progress in simulating the plasmas generated and the resulting EUV lasers. A description of the models developed and the simulation results will be presented.

Abstract Author(s): Mark Berrill