Friday, August 11 — 5:30 p.m.

West Ballroom, Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor

1 Greg Whiffen Optimization of Groundwater Decontamination Systems
2 Debra Nielsen The Mechanics and Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Three Dimensions
3 Michael Falk Prospects for Computational Investigations Regarding Dynamic Fracture
4 Scott Stanley & Sutanu Sarkar Work Towards a Large-Eddy-Simulation of a Fully Developed Turbulent Jet
5 William Barry Nonlinear Analysis of Nuclear Containment Casks Using DYNA3D
6 Lars Liden Odor Classification with Fuzzy ARTMAP
7 Jeffrey Haney Investigating the Fractal Nature of Marine Aggregates using Diffusion-Limited Aggregation Models
8 Paul Bunch Development of Exact Solution Algorithms for Large Scale Combinational Optimization Problems
9 John Guidi Integration of Physical and Genetic Genomic Maps
10 Steve Parker Computational Steering
11 Chris Penland Error Analysis of the Nodal Expansion Method for Solving the Neutron Diffusion Equation in Slab Geometry
12 Dan Morrow Sensorimotor Primitives for Robot Skills
13 William Daughton Transport Simulations of Alcator C-Mod Plasmas
14 Eric Williford Radar Overview of Tropical Storm Beryl (Aug 1994)
15 Melinda Sirman Finite Element Solution of a Class of Nonlinear PDE’s
16 Philip Weeber A Volume Averaged Approach to Multiphase Flow and Transport in Porous Media
17 David Brown Computational Science Practicum Opportunities at Los Alamos National Laboratory