Fellows present their research at the annual poster session.

Tuesday, June 30 — 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Penn Quarter B

Group I — Presenting 3:30-4:15 p.m.
2Charles EpsteinDarkLight: A Search for Dark Forces
4Nathan FinneyStrain-driven Semiconducting-to-metallic Phase Transition in Mo(1-x)W(x)Te2 Alloys
6Benjamin GallowayHigh Harmonic Generation and the Lorentz Drift
8Cole HolcombCosmic Ray Streaming Instability in the Interstellar Medium
10Amy LovellQuantifying Uncertainties in Reaction Theory: Cross Section Confidence Calculations
12Cameron MeyersExperimental Investigation of the Anisotropic Viscosity of Deformed Dunites with a Pre-existing Crystallographic Preferred Orientation
14Brooklyn NobleTerraced Spreading of Nanometer-thin Lubricant Using Molecular Dynamics
Group II — Presenting 4:15-5:00 p.m.
1Fabio Iunes SanchesDisentangling Cosmology
3Leo KirschLiGlass, LiI(Eu), and CLYC: A Shootout to Obtain the 6Li(n,a) Cross Section
5Io KleiserInvestigating Effects of Xenon Capsule Gas Fill Dopant in National Ignition Facility Experiments
7Juan ManfrediExtracting Spectroscopic Factors From Transfer Reactions
9Christopher MillerMicrostructural Effect on Performance of Granular Explosives Under Shock Loading
11Alison SaundersX-ray Thomson Scattering Measurements From Hohlraum Targets on the Omega Laser
13Collin StillmanA Streaked X-ray Spectroscopy Platform for Rapidly Heated, Near-solid Density Plasmas
15Richard VegaA Linear Discontinuous Slice Balance Approach for 3-D Discrete Ordinates Neutral Particle Transport