Charles Epstein

  • Program Years: 2014-2018
  • Academic Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Field of Study: Experimental Particle and Nuclear Physics
  • Academic Advisor: Richard Milner
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2016)
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018
    B.S. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013

Current Status

  • Status: Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory


QED radiative corrections to low-energy Moller and Bhabha scattering. Charles S. Epstein and Richard G. Milner. Physical Review D 94, 033004 (2016).

Diffusive transfer of polarized 3He gas through depolarizing magnetic gradients. J.D. Maxwell, C.S. Epstein, R.G. Milner. NIM A 777 (2015) 194-198.

Liquid Crystal Polarimetry for Metastability Exchange Optical Pumping of 3He. J.D. Maxwell, C.S. Epstein, R.G. Milner. NIM A 764 (2014).

Development of a Polarized 3He Ion Source for RHIC. C. S. Epstein, AIP Conf. Proc. 1441, 643 (2012), DOI:10.1063/1.3700641.

A streamlined subcloning procedure to transfer shRNA from a pSM2 vector to a pGIPZ lentiviral vector. S. Ansaloni, N. Lelkes, J. Snyder, C. Epstein, A. Dubey, and A. J. Saunders. J RNAi Gene Silencing (2010), 6(2), 411-415.


EINN 2015 Poster Session Winner
MIT Lourie First-Year Graduate Fellowship
APS Division of Nuclear Physics, CEU Travel Grants, 2011, 2012