Shelly Olsan, Krell Institute

Devin Matthews

Devin Matthews is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at Southern Methodist University, and a Faculty Fellow of the SMU Center for Research Computing. His researchfocuses on using and developing accurate theoretical methods to study molecules, reactions, clusters, and extended systems. His specialization is in ab initio methods based on quantum mechanics, combining concepts and techniques from chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science. Devin obtained his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow, and subsequently held a postdoctoral position in the UT Austin Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (now Oden Institute) as an Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow. He is also a co-recipient of the 2023 James H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software.

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