Seeking Reimbursement

Reimbursement is made after travel is complete and once paperwork has been received. All requests and related materials are due to the Krell Institute on or by Friday, September 16, 2022.

Reimbursement levels are as follows:

  • Fellows — full reimbursement of allowable event-related expenses
  • Alumni — limited funds are available; please contact program staff for details
  • Academic Advisors — reimbursed up to a $1,500 maximum, including lodging
  • Practicum Coordinators — reimbursed on a case-by-case, as-requested basis

Should you have questions regarding your reimbursement level, please contact Krell's reimbursement coordinator for further clarification. Additional information and travel guidelines are outlined in Krell’s travel policy.

Downloadable Krell Travel Reimbursement Form

Download a copy of the official travel reimbursement form [XLS]. Once complete, please return the form and any supporting documentation (receipts, etc.) to the Krell Institute via email.