Non-Equilibrium Quantum Liquids

Rahul Sahay, Harvard University

Photo of Rahul Sahay

Ground states of many-body quantum systems can potentially host long-ranged entangled states known as quantum spin liquids (QSLs). The requirements for such equilibrium states are rather demanding, including strong quantum resonances in the Hamiltonian as well as a vanishing temperature. Here, we show how non-equilibrium processes can provide a more streamlined route toward creating such QSLs. This sheds light on recent experimental and numerical observations of dynamical state preparations for the ruby lattice spin liquid in Rydberg atom arrays. In particular, we find a striking reversal of logic, where the absence---rather than presence---of quantum resonances can aid in stabilizing these states.

Abstract Author(s): Rahul Sahay, Ruben Verresen, Ashvin Vishwanath