Clustering Hypergraphs With Edge-Dependent Vertex Weights

Koby Hayashi, Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo of Koby Hayashi

We propose a flexible framework for clustering hypergraph-structured data based on recently proposed random walks utilizing edge-dependent vertex weights. When incorporating edge-dependent vertex weights (EDVW), a weight is associated with each vertex- hyperedge pair, yielding a weighted incidence matrix of the hypergraph. Such weightings have been utilized in term-document representations of text data sets. We explain how random walks with EDVW serve to construct different hypergraph Laplacian matrices, and then develop a suite of clustering methods that use these incidence matrices and Laplacians for hypergraph clustering. Using several data sets from real-life applications, we compare the performance of these clustering algorithms experimentally against a variety of existing hypergraph clustering methods. We show that the proposed methods produce high-quality clusters and conclude by highlighting avenues for future work.

Abstract Author(s): Koby Hayashi, Sinan G. Aksoy, Cheong Hee Park, Haesun Park