LES Modeling With IBAMR

Bryn Barker, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Photo of Bryn Barker

Turbulent flows can be difficult to efficiently model as sub-grid scale eddies contribute to a significant portion of the energy dissipation of the system. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models provide a method for capturing small scale effects in turbulence modeling. For LES models, the key idea is to project the solution onto some function basis and retain only a minimum number of modes, this is done by applying a low pass convolution filter. Then the closure problem amounts to developing an eddy viscosity parameter that encompasses the dissipation effects of the sub-grid scale eddies. In this poster we show the results of implementing an LES model in IBAMR. We implement the static and dynamic Smagorinski eddy viscosity models and compare the results with existing implicit LES (ILES) models for basic turbulent flows and for more complex flows involving immersed boundaries.

Abstract Author(s): Bryn Barker, Kelli Hendrickson, Boyce Griffith