From Laptops to Petaflops – Portable Productivity and Performance Using Open-source Development Tools

Katherine Riley, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Argonne National Laboratory

Katherine Riley and Jeff Hammond, Argonne Leadership Computing FacilityThere is common misconception that migrating from a personal computer to a supercomputer is difficult and time-consuming.  In truth, if you know some key information and setup the right tools, you can develop code on your laptop while on a plane flight and test it when you land.
The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility is currently deploying Mira, a 10PF Blue Gene/Q, with 786,432 thousand cores and over 3 million hardware threads.  The Blue Gene/Q nodes represent one step on the path to future architecture – significant node-level low-level parallelism with multithreading and vectorization.  We will walk through how you can develop code on your laptop that is ready for Mira (or any Q) and discuss code development strategies for HPC codes looking to next generation platforms.

Abstract Author(s): Katherine Riley, Jeff Hammond