An Introduction to Refereeing: A Role of Leaders in the Computational Science Community

Jeff Lewandowski, IOP Publishing

Jeff Lewandowski, IOP PublishingAcademic publishers use the peer review process to assess research papers before deciding whether or not they should be published.  Referees – also known as “reviewers” – are experts in the relevant field of research who are asked to comment on the quality, originality, and importance of papers.  Referee reports are used by journal Editors in making publication decisions, and authors also find referee comments very valuable as constructive advice on how to improve their research papers. IOP Publishing recently developed an introductory guide to peer review and writing referee reports.  Intended as an informative tool for the research communities IOP serves through its journal publishing program, Introduction to Refereeing covers a range of topics important to researchers, including: what peer review is and how it works, how to write a referee report, what to expect after submitting a report, ethical issues, and other information about academic publishing.

Abstract Author(s): Jeff Lewandowski