Introduction to NERSC Resources: A Hands-on Session

Jack Deslippe, National Energy Research Scientific Computer Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Jack Deslippe, NERSC; Mary Ann Leung, Krell InstituteThe National Energy Research Scientific Computer (NERSC) Center serves over 4,500 users and provides computational, storage and networking systems and services to the broad DOE research community. The break out session will introduce the systems and services NERSC provides and provide an overview of how DOE CSGF fellows can use the program allocation. Attendees will be given a guest account and will be able to log into Hopper, NERSC's first peta-flop system a Cray XE6, and compile and run applications in parallel. We will discuss the libraries and software NERSC provides and how to efficiently write and store data. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and begin to port their own applications to NERSC systems.

Abstract Author(s): Jack Deslippe, Mary Ann Leung