Efficient Electronic Transport Calculations for Arbitrarily-Shaped Graphene Devices

Douglas Mason, Harvard University

Photo of Douglas Mason

Novel graphene geometries of nanoscale-to-macroscopic scale can be crafted for many technological uses with conventional plasma etching techniques. However, their transport properties are not easily understood, since many parameters cannot be controlled in the etching process. Here we develop a framework to efficiently calculate and screen ballistic electronic transport properties of arbitrary nanoscale graphene device structures. A generalization of the established recursive Green’s function method is presented, providing access to arbitrary geometries with substantial computer time savings. Using tight-binding models and a Green’s function scattering formalism, we will explore the transport properties of several novel graphene nanostructures. This work is part of a User project with the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Abstract Author(s): Douglas Mason, David Prendergast, Jefferey Neaton, and Eric Heller