Simulation of Nanoscale Thermal Effects in Semiconductor Devices

Zlatan Aksamija, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Photo of Zlatan Aksamija

This talk will give an overview of recent work on simulation of electron and phonon transport and their coupling in a 50nm channel silicon MOSFET. In such nano-scale devices, charge and thermal transport become highly non-linear and their coupling can lead to highly localized heating, which is especially prominent in the Drain region of MOSFET devices. We use the Monte Carlo method to solve the Boltzmann transport equations for both electrons and phonons self-consistently with the Poisson equation for the electrostatic potential. This procedure allows us to track particles in phase space and obtain detailed information about the Joule heating of the silicon crystal and the subsequent transfer of heat away from the active region of the MOSFET transistor.

Abstract Author(s): Zlatan Aksamija and Umberto Ravaioli