Fellows present their research at the annual poster session.

Wednesday, June 22 — 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Anasazi North

Poster Presentation Schedule

Group I — Presenting 5:00-5:45 p.m.
1William BrooksA Second-Generation Experimental Apparatus for Direct Observation of Anode Initiated Vacuum Surface Flashover
3Patricia ChoTesting High Density Accretion Disk Models with Photoionized Iron and Calcium Plasma Experiments
5Kevin KwockPhoton Avalanche in Tm-Doped Nanocrystals: Towards Environmental and Magneto-Optical Sensing
7Logan MeredithhPIC2: A Parallelized, Unstructured Particle-in-Cell Code Dynamically Coupled to Plasma-Material Interaction Models
9Ashley RoachRole of SFE in the Interaction of Extended Dislocations With Nanovoids
11Brendan SporerFormation of High-Density Field-Reversed Configurations on a Linear Transformer Driver
13Justin Cheng3D Interfaces Enhance Mechanical and Thermal Stability in Metallic Nanolaminated Composites
15John CopleyKinetics Studies of Pressure Induced B4 to B1 Phase Transformation in CdSe
17Lauren FeyModeling Dislocation Dynamics in Refractory Multi-Principal Element Alloys
19Sylvia HannaDiscovery of Spontaneous De-interpenetration Through Charged Point-Point Repulsions
21River LeverseePressure Response of Halide Ion Mobility in Mixed Halide Perovskites
23John ShimanekSingle Crystal Plasticity Modeling of Ni-Based Alloys with First-Principles Calculations of Ideal Shear Strength
25Yoni XiongCharacterization of Single Event Effects at Advanced FinFET Technology Nodes
Group II — Presenting 5:45-6:30 p.m.
2Ryan ChildersMonte Carlo Radiation Transport Simulation of Nonthermal X-Ray Fluorescence in a MagLIF Plasma Produced on Z
4Alexander KavnerDecay Energy Spectroscopy of Radionuclides With Magnetic Microcalorimeters
6Brianna MacNiderTailoring of Microstructural Nonlinear Constitutive Laws
8John PetersonMagnetic Field and Radiation Production in Laser-Driven Electron Beams
10Brian RodgersPattern Selection in Model Alloys Under Additive Manufacturing Conditions
12Patrick AdrianMeasurements of Non-Maxwellian Electron Distribution Functions During the Ablation Phase of Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions
14David ChinX-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy of Iron Compounds at High-Energy-Density Conditions
16Sophia FarrellMachine Learning Techniques for Signal Classification in Background-Dominant Particle Detectors
18Griffin GlennAmbient-Temperature Liquid Microjets for Online Optimization of Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration
20Garrett KingElectroweak Structure of Light Nuclei With Quantum Monte Carlo Methods
22Benjamin ReicheltInfluence of Self-Generated Fields on Hot Electron Transport in NIF Hohlraums
24Sandra StangebyeCharacterizing Plastic Deformation Mechanisms in Nanograined Metal Thin Films Using in Situ TEM Straining
26Christopher YangElectronic Steady States of Floquet Moiré Materials