2022 DOE NNSA SSGF & LRGF Annual Program Review

Monday, June 20 - Thursday, June 23
Eldorado Hotel & Spa, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Updated June 21, 2022
Monday, June 20 (Fellows Only)
3:30 – 7:00pm Fellows' RegistrationAnasazi Concourse
4:00 – 5:00pm Fellows' Welcome SessionAnasazi North
All fellows welcome to attend.
5:00 – 7:00pm Fellows' Reception & Game NightAnasazi North
Tuesday, June 21
6:00 – 7:00am BreakfastAnasazi North
7:00am Bus Departs for Los Alamos National Laboratory Tour (fellows only)
4:00 – 6:00pm RegistrationAnasazi Concourse
6:00pm Bus Returns from Laboratory Tour
Wednesday, June 22
7:30 – 9:00am RegistrationAnasazi Concourse
7:30 – 8:30am BreakfastAnasazi North
7:30 – 8:30am 2022 Fellows' Portrait SessionCava Lounge
8:30 – 9:00am Krell Institute WelcomeAnasazi South
Shelly Olsan — President, Krell Institute
Ralph Schneider — Consultant, Krell Institute
9:00 – 10:00am DOE NNSA Welcome and Opening Keynote
Njema J. Frazier — Assistant Deputy Administrator (Acting), Strategic Partnership Programs, Office of Defense Programs, National Nuclear Security Administration
"Maintaining Scientific Leadership for the Nuclear Security Enterprise: An NNSA Perspective"
10:00 – 10:15am BreakAnasazi Concourse
Session I Anasazi South
Moderator: Jolie Cizewski — Professor of Physics, Rutgers University
10:15 – 10:40am Drew Morrill — University of Colorado Boulder
"Development of Mid-Infrared Lasers for Soft X-Ray High Harmonic Generation"
10:40 – 11:05am Michael Wadas — University of Michigan
"Hydrodynamics of Shocked Interfaces"
11:05 – 11:30am Chad Ummel — Rutgers University
"Measuring the 134Xe(d,pg)135Xe Reaction with GODDESS to Probe the Single-Particle Structure of 135Xe"
11:30 – 11:55am Olivia Pardo — California Institute of Technology
"Probing a Hydrous Iron-Sulfate Within Extreme Planetary Environments"
12:00 – 1:00pm LuncheonAnasazi North
Session IIAnasazi South
Moderator: Ralph Schneider — Consultant, Krell Institute
1:15 – 1:40pm Eldred Lee — Dartmouth College
"Towards the Photonic Efficiency Enhancement of Si-Based High-Energy X-ray Detectors"
1:40 – 2:05pm William Riedel — Stanford University
"Interpenetration and Kinetic Mix in Weakly Collisional, Fully-Ionized Plasma Jets"
2:05 – 2:30pm Stephanie Miller — University of Michigan
"Analysis of Laser Preheating Stage of MagLIF to Increase Laser Energy Coupling and Validate Simulations"
2:30 – 3:00pm Poster Session Set UpAnasazi North
2:30 – 3:00pm Outgoing Fellow Portraits & Fellow/Alumni RetakesCava Lounge
3:00 – 4:00pm Practicum/Residency PanelAnasazi South
Practicum and residency coordinators will discuss how to select and complete a successful research experience at their respective laboratories. Topics will include exploration of the logistics of relocation, how to find a mentor, research topics, site selection, lab life, social outlets, and, generally, what one can expect when embarking on this immersive opportunity afforded by the DOE NNSA SSGF and LRGF programs.
  • Shelly Olsan, Moderator — Krell Institute
  • Kris Moran, Panelist — Krell Institute
  • Laura Berzak Hopkins , Panelist — Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumna
  • Paul Bradley , Panelist — Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Matt Gomez , Panelist — Sandia National Laboratories; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumnus
  • Richard Kraus , Panelist — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumnus
4:00 – 5:00pm DOE Laboratory Poster Session Anasazi North
5:00 – 6:30pm DOE NNSA SSGF and LRGF Fellows' Poster Session Anasazi North
Thursday, June 23
7:30 – 9:00am RegistrationAnasazi Concourse
7:30 – 8:30am BreakfastAnasazi North
7:30 – 8:30am 2020 & 2021 Fellows' Portrait SessionCava Lounge
Session III Anasazi South
Moderator: Ralph Schneider — Consultant, Krell Institute
8:30 – 8:40am Announcements
8:40 – 9:30am Keynote
Marcus D. Knudson — Senior Scientist, Pulsed Power Center, Sandia National Laboratories
"Research Highlights From the Sandia Z Accelerator"
9:30 – 10:00am Alumni Keynote Richard Kraus — Senior Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumnus
"Explosions, Lasers, Exoplanets, and Lessons Learned at a National Lab"
10:00 – 10:30am Alumni Keynote Samantha K. Lawrence — Leader, Materials Compatibility Team, Los Alamos National Laboratory; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumna
"The Lighter Side of Heavy Metals: Science at the Frontier of Uranium Metallurgy "
10:30 – 11:00am Break/Hotel Check Out
11:15am – 12:00pm Science Communication PanelAnasazi North
Bill Cannon, Thomas R. O'Donnell and Sarah Webb — Krell Institute
"Science Between Floors"
12:00pm LuncheonAnasazi North
Grab-and-go options available for those with early afternoon departures.