DOE NNSA SSGF Annual Program Review Presentations

Tuesday, June 19 - Thursday, June 21
Argonaut Hotel, San Francisco, California

Wednesday, June 20
Cole Holcomb Princeton University "Gyroresonant Streaming Instability of Interstellar Cosmic Rays"
Io Kleiser California Institute of Technology "Modeling Rapidly Fading Supernovae as Nickel-free Core-collapse Explosions of Extended Helium Stars"
Fabio lunes Sanches University of California, Berkeley "Quantum Information in Gravity"
Luke Shulenburger Staff Scientist, High Energy Density Plasma Theory, Sandia National Laboratories “Exploring the Interplay Between Theory and Experiment in the Study of Materials Under Extreme Conditions”
Cameron Meyers University of Minnesota “An Experimental View of Earth's Upper Mantle: Densification, Deformation, and Recovery of Olivine-rich Rocks”
Amy Lovell Michigan State University “Uncertainty Quantification for Reaction Theory”
Richard Vega Texas A&M University “Transport Sweeps Using an Extended Slice Balance Approach with LDFE and GPU Acceleration”
Thursday, June 21
Alan S. Wan Deputy Program Director, Weapon Physics and Design Program, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory "Supporting Stockpile Stewardship with High-energy-density Physics Experiments"
Alison Saunders University of California, Berkeley "Using X-ray Thomson Scattering to Measure Plasma Conditions in Warm Dense Matter Experiments on the OMEGA Laser"
Leo Kirsch University of California, Berkeley "Gamma Strength From Quasi-Continuum Lifetimes"
Charles Epstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Precisely revisiting the electron-electron interaction"
Collin Stillman University of Rochester "Ultrafast X-ray Spectroscopy of Hot-Dense-Matter Systems"