Geoffrey Main

  • Program Years: 2011-2015
  • Academic Institution: Stanford University
  • Field of Study: Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Academic Advisor: Charbel Farhat
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2013)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia, 2009

Current Status


Kevin Wang, Jon Tomas Gretarsson, Alex Main, Charbel Farhat "Computational Algorithms for Tracking Dynamic Fluid-Structure Interfaces in Embedded Boundary Methods", Int. Jrnl. Num. Methods Vol. 70, 515-535 (2012)

Kevin Wang, Jon Tomas Gretarsson, and Alex Main "Numerical Algorithms for Tracking Dynamic Fluid-Structure Interfaces in Embedded/Immersed Boundary Methods" (proceeding 2011 AIAA Summer Conference)

Charbel Farhat, Adam Larat, Alex Main, Philip Avery, Kevin Wang and Clement Saint-Jalm, "An Embedded Boundary Method for Viscous Fluid/Structure Interaction Problems and Application to Flexible Flapping Wings", AIAA-2012-2688, 42nd AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 25-28 (2012)

Vinod Lakshminarayan, Alex Main, Kevin Wang, Charbel Farhat, "An Eulerian-ALE Embedded Boundary Method for Turbulent Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems" (abstract submitted to the 2013 AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference)

Alex Main and Charbel Farhat, "A Second-Order Time-Accurate Implicit Finite Volume Method with Exact Two-Phase Riemann Problems for Compressible Multi-Phase Fluid and Fluid-Structure Problems". Journal of Computational Physics, 2013.


- BS degree with highest distinction (GPA higher than 3.8) (2009)

- Louis T. Rader award for outstanding undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student (2009)

- Finalist, Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium (2009)

- Undergraduate Dean's List (every semester, Fall 2006 - Spring 2009)

- Undergraduate Intermediate Honors