2018 Highlights

Fellow Profiles:

  • Hannah De Jong, Stanford University – seeking a heart condition's genetic roots.
  • Gerald Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – computing fluid properties in tiny straws.
  • Alnur Ali, Carnegie Mellon University – applying machine learning to brains and influenza.
  • Jay Stotsky, University of Colorado Boulder – modeling slimy biofilms.

Alumni Profiles:

  • Asegun Henry, Georgia Institute of Technology – listening in on atoms' secret songs.
  • Ariella Sasson, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company – developing gene-centered diagnoses and treatments.
  • Jeff Drocco, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – seeking a genetic off-switch.

Winning CYSE Contest Essay: Gerald Wang turns a picnic into a quest for the very small.

Howes Scholars in Computational Science: Seth Davidovits, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and Sarah Middleton, GlaxoSmithKline

Interview: Katherine Lewis, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – machine learning for physics.

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