2007-2008 Highlights

Practicum Profiles:
Ethan Coon, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jeff Hammond, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jimena Davis, Sandia National Laboratories – New Mexico
Stefan Wild, Argonne National Laboratory

Department of Energy Lab Research:
“Power Play,” Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
“From Flames to Fusion,” Sandia National Laboratories
“Measuring Up On the Petascale,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory
“Modeling an Earth-Shaking Event,” Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
“Model Mixes Ice, Heat, Water and Salt to View the Ocean’s Future,” Los Alamos National Laboratory
“Harnessing Hundreds of Thousands of Processors,” Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
“The New Paradigm of Petascale Computing,” Argonne National Laboratory

Alumni Profiles:
Mary Biddy, BP plc
Eric Held, Utah State University
Ahmed Ismail, Sandia National Laboratories

Howes Scholars in Computational Science:
Jaydeep Bardhan
Kristen Grauman

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