2006-2007 Highlights

Practicum Profiles:
David Potere, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Aron Cummings, Sandia National Laboratories – California
Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Brandon Wood, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Department of Energy Lab Research:
“Adapting to the Scale of Complexity,” Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
“Combustion Simulation Mixes in Turbulence,” Sandia National Laboratories
“Magnetic Models Could Make Minuscule Materials into Big Capacity,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory
“A Chilling Tale of Nuclear Weaponry,” Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
“Solving a Mystery in Green,” Brookhaven National Laboratory
“How to Build a Better Greenhouse Gas Trap,” Los Alamos National Laboratory
“Harvesting the Fruits of the Genome Revolution,” Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
“X-treme Waste Modeling,” Argonne National Laboratory

Alumni Profiles:
Patrick Canupp, Joe Gibbs Racing
Oliver Fringer, Stanford University
Aric Hagberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Howes Scholars in Computational Science:
Kevin Chu
Matthew Wolinsky

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