2004-2005 Highlights

Practicum Profiles:
Sommer Gentry, Sandia National Laboratories – California
Julian Mintseris, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Matthew Wolinsky, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Richard Katz, Argonne National Laboratory

Department of Energy Lab Research:
“Model Colliders,” Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
“Science of Prediction,” Sandia National Laboratories
“Modeling Star Power,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory
“World’s Largest Laser System,” Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
“Diverse by Design,” Brookhaven National Laboratory
“Modeling Municipal Movements,” Los Alamos National Laboratory
“Moving Mesh,” Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
“Against the Wind,” Argonne National Laboratory

Alumni Profiles:
Laura Painton Swiler, Sandia National Laboratories – New Mexico
Paul Bunch, Eli Lilly and Company
Martin Bazant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Howes Scholars in Computational Science:
Collin Wick

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