Mary LaPorte

  • Program Year: 1
  • Academic Institution: University of California, Davis
  • Field of Study: Plant Biology
  • Academic Advisor: Christine Diepenbrock
  • Practicum(s): Practicum Not Yet Completed
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Plant Biology - Biotechnology, University of Oklahoma, 2015 


1. Expression of a rice ferulate monolignol transferase in Arabidopsis improves cell wall suitability for biorefining (In Preparation)
Authors: C. Zhang, A. Tsai, R. Smith, S. Karlen, M. Peck, M.F. LaPorte, N. Santoro, J. Ralph, H. Scheller, L. Bartley

2. Symmetry of developmental cell death in wings of Drosophila melanogaster. Drosophila Information Service. Dec. 2019.
Authors: J. Thompson, K. Faria, C. Delgado, A. Douglas, N. Henning, I. Jhingan, M.F. LaPorte, L. Longoria, J. McKinney, H. Park, S. Sowdagar, W. Xie, S.Zhang, and B. Safiejko-Mroczka.
Presentation: Undergraduate Research Day [Norman, OK, USA], Spring 2018. Awarded the Grand Prize Ronald Lehr Phi Beta Kappa Award for Undergraduate Research

Poster Presentations and Conference Talks:
1. Department of Plant Biology Colloquium [Davis, California, USA] Fall 2020
2. American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting [Montreal, Quebec, Canada] Summer 2018
3. Curiosity-to-Creativity Symposium [Norman, OK, USA] Spring 2017
4. First-Year Research Experience [Norman, OK, USA] Spring 2016


Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, College of Biological Science, University of California-Davis.
Grand Prize Ronald Lehr Phi Beta Kappa Award for Undergraduate Research, Spring 2018
Effective Communication of Research Award at the Curiosity-to-Creativity Symposium, Spring 2017
OU Microbiology and Plant Biology Endowed Scholarship for Undergraduates, Spring 2018
National Merit Scholarship (2015)