Recording Instruction for Non-Attendee Presenters

In place of a live DOE CSGF Program Review talk, speakers unable to attend the meeting are asked to prepare and submit a prerecorded video presentation to be added to the meeting website after the event.

Referring to the agenda, fellows are allotted 15 minutes for their talk; please plan your slides/commentary with this duration in mind. Do not exceed your allotted time and note that prerecorded presentations do not need to account for a Q&A session. If you're comfortable doing so, feel free to include your contact information on your final slide so program review attendees can later contact you with questions or comments.


Presenters should take the following steps in order to prepare their recording:

  • Download Zoom here.
  • Set your virtual Zoom backgroundusing this file. Choose the "HD" option within the Video settings if your camera/hardware is compatible; this will result in a sharper DOE CSGF logo.

Zoom presentation recording example screenshot

Recording Your Presentation

  • Use Zoom to record your presentation by following these instructions.
  • Situate yourself in front of a neutral wall or backdrop, and adjust lighting conditions to ensure that your face is properly illuminated (avoid sitting in front of a light or window).
  • Do your best to look at the camera while recording and keep your head within the frame.
  • Set your virtual Zoom backgroundusing this file.
  • A YouTube video demonstrating the recording process can be found here.
Zoom presentation recording example screenshot

Uploading Your Presentation

  • Upload your mp4 presentation video and a PDF of your 16:9 slides to Box using this link.
    Files are due to Krell on or by Wednesday, July 3.
  • A member of the Krell team will review the files and confirm receipt within two business days.