How Trivial Is The Higgs Boson, And Why Does It Matter?

Christopher Schroeder, University of California, San Diego

Photo of Christopher Schroeder


Almost certainly, the next fundamental particle to be discovered will be the Higgs boson, at the Large Hadron Collider. While the Higgs has been theorized for many years now, a completely rigorous description has evaded us. Recently, a dispute has arisen over details relating the Higgs mass to the breaking point of the Standard Model, one of the greatest theories physics has ever developed. These details go by the name of triviality.

I will present findings that mass measurements at zero and non-zero momenta in the broken symmetry phase of one-component lattice φ4 theory in four dimensions are consistent with the predictions of renormalized perturbation theory, supporting the conventional triviality picture. This contrasts with recent conclusions by another group, who claim to observe behavior which invalidates the conventional picture.

Abstract Author(s): Christopher R. Schroeder