2017 study cover.

At the request of program sponsors, the Krell Institute contracted with Westat, an employee-owned research corporation based in Rockville, Maryland, to conduct a study of the more than 400 DOE CSGF fellows and alumni. The resulting report was a follow-up to an initial study done in 2012 and summarizes data and reflections collected via surveys, phone interviews, and curriculum vitae analysis. Thanks to the responsiveness of current and past fellowship recipients, the study provides a comprehensive look at the satisfaction and impact of those the program supported over its first 25 years. In addition, it speaks to the impressive professional pursuits and products of alumni now making their mark in fields related to computational science and engineering.

The Westat report, U.S. Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship: 1991-2016, A follow-up study of recipients and programmatic outcomes, is organized as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Characteristics of DOE CSGF recipients
  • Findings on recipients' recruitment and entry into the DOE CSGF program
  • Findings on recipients' experiences in the DOE CSGF program
  • Findings on recipients' career activities and accomplishments since participating in the DOE CSGF program
  • Summary and conclusions

The Krell Institute also developed a complementary executive summary. Both documents are accessible via the links below.

Again, many thanks to those who participated in this study.