Gabriel Shipley, University of New Mexico

Photo of Gabriel Shipley

Experiments and multiphysics simulations have been executed to develop the auto-magnetizing liner concept (AutoMag) for use as an alternative premagnetization mechanism for Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (MagLIF). Tests of each stage of AutoMag (magnetization, dielectric breakdown and implosion) were accomplished on the Mykonos and Z pulsed-power accelerators. These experiments demonstrate strong peak axial magnetic field production (20-150 T), dielectric breakdown initiation that depends on global induced electric field in the target, and a level of cylindrical implosion uniformity high enough to be useful for prospective fusion-fuel-filled (auto-magnetized MagLIF) experiments. Simulations have further explored these results and have suggested pathways for additional design development. Additionally, detailed simulations have explored the Solid Liner Dynamic Screw Pinch (SLDSP) concept, an instability mitigation technique for magnetically driven implosions on the Z accelerator. 3-D simulations were executed to design a feasible SLDSP target for Z experiments, successfully establishing the physics design basis for this novel target concept. Further simulations indicate that instability mitigation is proportional to the cumulative dynamic rotation of the magnetic vector field at the liner surface throughout implosion.

Abstract Author(s): Gabriel Shipley