Drew Morrill, University of Colorado Boulder

Photo of Drew Morrill

Tabletop generation of coherent soft X-ray (SXR) light via high harmonic generation (HHG) would enable a vast array of experiments, including spectroscopic, imaging and dynamical measurements of ultrafast and ultrasmall systems. Although SXR HHG has been demonstrated, a bright, stable and reliable source for applications has been elusive. The primary barrier to a useful SXR HHG source has been in the driving laser, which demands mJ pulse energies, femtosecond pulse durations, mid-IR wavelengths, kHz repetitions rates and high stability. To meet these demanding specifications, we are developing a 3-μm OPCPA system. The system is based on an all-fiber front end which generates a 1.5 micron signal seed using an Er-doped fiber amplifier and a 1-micron pump seed from a Yb-doped fiber amplifier. The pump is amplified in a cryo-cooled Yb regenerative amplifier, and amplification occurs in multiple MgO:PPLN OPA stages. The system is under construction and currently able to generate 3-μm pulses with energies in the hundreds of microjoules.

Abstract Author(s): Drew Morrill, Daniel Carlson, Henry Kapteyn, Margaret Murnane, Michael Hemmer