DOE NNSA SSGF Annual Program Review Presentations

Monday, June 23 - Wednesday, June 25
The Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, Calif.

Tuesday, June 24
Ralph Schneider Director, Office of Research and Development, National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S. Department of Energy Welcome
Session I
Melissa Marggraff Deputy Principal Associate Director, Weapons and Complex Integration Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Science-based Additive Manufacturing for NNSA Missions
Evan Davis Massachusetts Institute of Technology Modeling Stability and Turbulence in Tokamak Fusion Reactors
Session II
Stephanie Lyons University of Notre Dame A Study of 20,22Ne(p,γ) 21,23Na
Michael Hay Princeton University

High-gain Aneutronic Fusion (Not Released)

Wednesday, June 25
Session III
Christopher Spadaccini Staff Research Engineer and Principal Investigator, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Additive Manufacturing and Architected Materials
Matthew Gomez Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumnus Experimental Verification of the Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (MagLIF) Concept
John Gibbs Northwestern University

Dendritic solidification (Not Released)

Session IV
Laura Berzak Hopkins Design Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumna

Politics and Plasma (Not Released)

Thomas Saller University of Michigan An Asymptotic, Homogenized, Simplified P2 Approximation to the Neutron Transport Equation
Forrest Doss Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; DOE NNSA SSGF Alumnus High-Energy-Density Physics: Radiation and Turbulence (PDF Only)