Search for E0 Transitions in 156Gd

Sabrina Strauss, University of Notre Dame

Photo of Sabrina Strauss

Transitions de-exciting states of nuclei below a few MeV can occur through two processes: γ-emission and internal conversion. The E0 transition can only occur through internal conversion and is the only way to observe the “forbidden” transition between two 0+ states. The even Gd isotopes have been found to have a substantial number of low-lying 0+ states. Evidence of 0+ → 0+ transitions in Gd would show collectivity in the 0+ states. Using the Internal Conversion Electron Ball (ICEBall) at the University of Notre Dame, 156Gd conversion electrons will be measured using a 154Sm(α,2n) reaction. Experimental setup, theory, and preliminary results will be presented.

Abstract Author(s): Sabrina Strauss, Ani Aprahamian, Anthony Battaglia, Clark Casarella, Patrick Fasano, Armen Gyurjinyan, Khachatur Manukyan, Scott Marley, Andrew Nystrom, Kevin Siegl, Mallory Smith, Wanpeng Tan