Investigating the Dynamic Densification Behavior of Brittle Granular Materials

Travis Voorhees, Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo of Travis Voorhees

In this study, the dynamic densification behavior of a brittle granular system, cerium dioxide (CeO2), is investigated. Specifically, the consolidation behavior of pressed powder compacts at four initial pressed densities (33, 44, 55 and 62.5 percent TMD) is examined at densities within the compaction range via gas gun-driven plate-on-plate impact. The shock Hugoniot data collected from these experiments are presented and used to calibrate P-α model parameters. Using the calibrated parameters, a model validation experiment is designed and fielded using the mobile pulsed power driver PHELIX to cylindrically shock compress CeO2 powder. In situ areal density measurements are performed via proton radiography. The validity of the P-α model to capture complex shock densification behavior in brittle granular materials is discussed.

Abstract Author(s): Travis J. Voorhees, D. Anthony Fredenburg, Gregory B. Kennedy, Naresh N. Thadhani