Joseph C. Martz, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Joseph C. Martz

Joseph C. Martz has been with Los Alamos National Laboratory since 1983 and has 34 years of experience in nuclear weapons and plutonium science. He has had assignments in many areas of nuclear weapon science, including pit production management, leading the program to examine aging in nuclear weapons, leading the weapon design division, and directing several special activities, including the RRW design effort, the Octave experimental program and many outreach activities. He is a recognized expert in nuclear weapon function, material compatibility and nuclear weapon environment and effects. In 2009, Dr. Martz was appointed the inaugural William J. Perry Fellow at Stanford University and spent a year there examining nuclear weapon policy issues related to stockpile reductions. He is currently the nuclear weapon representative to the MaRIE project, the next-generation flagship experimental facility to be built at Los Alamos.