Geometrical Optics of Dense Aerosols

Michael Hay, Princeton University

Photo of Michael Hay

The resonant backward Raman compression of intense laser light in plasma requires a high-density plasma that is easily accessed by light. Gas jet technology is at its limit: either in density, so new technology is necessary to process shorter wavelength light, or in geometrical size, so new technology is necessary to process substantial powers at large aperture. However, dense aerosol targets may overcome the limitations of gas jets. Using ANSYS FLUENT we simulate dense aerosol formation under aerodynamic focusing. These simulations include momentum coupling between the carrier gas and the particles’ virtual flow field. We address how this coupling modifies aerodynamic focusing and indicate various applications of such a plasma source [1]. [1] M.J. Hay, E.J. Valeo, and N.J. Fisch, "Geometrical Optics of Dense Aerosols" (in preparation, 2012).

Abstract Author(s): Michael J. Hay, Ernest J. Valeo, and Nathaniel J. Fisch