Neutron activation of Cd, Zn, and Nb foils

Nicole Fields, University of Chicago

We present measurements of the production of several long-lived radioactive isotopes via neutron activation of Cd, Zn and Nb foils. The foils were irradiated at the LANSCE WNR facility by the 4FP60R neutron beam. They were then counted underground at a low-background counting facility at WIPP. The counting results show the activated products 58Co, 65Zn, 87Y, 88Y, 88Zr, 89Zr, 92mNb, 100Pd, 101mRh, 105Ag, 106mAg, 110mAg, 111Ag, and 115Cd. We discuss the feasibility of using Cd, Zn, and Nb foils as witness plates to monitor neutron exposure.

Abstract Author(s): N. E. Fields, S. R. Elliott, V. M. Gehman, V. E. Guiseppe