HYDRA Simulations of Radiating Shock Experiments

Forrest Doss, University of Michigan

Photo of Forrest Doss

I present work which took place during a SSGF practicum session in 2008. During this time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s multidimensional radiation hydrodynamics code HYDRA was used to advance the state of knowledge in the simulation of radiative shocks, systems in which radiation transport across a shock front controls the structure and dynamics of the shock. This work was of interest both to myself, who works in experimentally studying radiative shocks, and to the developers of the code, who can use these simulations and experiments to gauge the applicability and effectiveness of their hydrocode. Both output which was created at the time of the practicum as well as further results which have since emerged from research conducted in that period will be presented.

Abstract Author(s): Forrest Doss