Renormalized Interactions with EDF Single-Particle Basis States

Angelo Signoracci, Michigan State University

Photo of Angelo Signoracci

Starting from the N3LO interaction for NN scattering, derived from QCD via chiral effective field theory, we calculate renormalized interactions in the sd and pf shell model spaces. The new aspect of our method is to use a Hartree-Fock basis for the renormalization, represented by the single-particle energy spectra and single-particle radial wavefunctions derived from energy density functionals, in place of the conventional harmonic oscillator basis. We find that two-body matrix elements in these model spaces are sensitive to the basis and on the core nucleus chosen for the renormalization. Most significantly, the two-body matrix elements are reduced when they involve weakly-bound orbitals, which is essential for an accurate treatment of nuclei near the neutron drip line.

Abstract Author(s): Angelo Signoracci, Alex Brown, and Morten Hjorth-Jensen