Magnetic Diagnostics for the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX)

Laura Berzak, Princeton University

Photo of Laura Berzak

The Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX) will investigate the Lithium Wall operating regime for magnetically confined plasmas. An extensive array of magnetic diagnostics will be available to characterize the experiment, including flux loops, Rogowskii coils, B-dot probes, and diamagnetic loops. LTX presents a number of challenges to traditional magnetic diagnostics, as a heated, conformal (to the plasma last closed flux surface) shell coated with liquid lithium will be placed inside the vacuum vessel. Therefore, diagnostics must be specifically located to account for the presence of a secondary conducting surface, as well as engineered to withstand high temperatures and any incidental contact with liquid lithium. This will be accomplished through designing the diagnostic set to be capable of providing data on the plasma despite any currents in the vessel or shell. The design is intended to provide the most relevant data set for equilibrium reconstruction purposes. The diagnostics will also be carefully electrically isolated from the shell and fabricated from robust materials with both heat and lithium resistance.

Abstract Author(s): Laura Berzak, Robert Kaita, Tom Kozub, Richard Majeski, Leonid Zakharov