Brianna MacNider

  • Program Year: 3
  • Academic Institution: University of California, San Diego
  • Field of Study: Aerospace Engineering
  • Academic Advisor: Nicholas Boechler
  • Residencies:
    Los Alamos National Laboratory (2022)
    Los Alamos National Laboratory (2023)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego, 2016



Behrou, R., Abi Ghanem, M., Macnider, B., Verma, V., Alvey, A., Hong, J., Emery, A. F., Kim, H. A., and Boechler, N., Topology optimization of nonlinear periodically microstructured materials for tailored homogenized constitutive properties, Composite Structures, 2021

MacNider, B., Xudong, L., Hoang, S., Abi Ghanem, M., Cai, S., Boechler, N., Dynamic compression of soft layered materials yields tunable and spatiotemporally evolving surface patterns, Physical Review E, 2023

Ryan Fancher, Ian Frankel, KCH Chin, Maroun Abi Ghanem, Brianna MacNider, Logan S Shannahan, James F Berry, Muge Fermen-Coker, Andrew J Boydston, Nicholas Boechler, Dependence of the kinetic energy absorption capacity of bistable mechanical metamaterials on impactor mass and velocity, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 2023

Haning Xiu, Ian Frankel, Harry Liu, Kai Qian, Siddhartha Sarkar, Brianna MacNider, Zi Chen, Nicholas Boechler, Xiaoming Mao, Synthetically non-Hermitian nonlinear wave-like behavior in a topological mechanical metamaterial, PNAS, 2023

Brianna MacNider, David Jones, Jesse Callanan, Matt Beason, George T Gray III, Dana M Dattelbaum, Nicholas Boechler, Saryu Fensin, In situ measurement of damage evolution in shocked magnesium as a function of microstructure, Science Advances, 2023


Regents Scholarship (UC San Diego), 2011

Ernest Mort International Scholarship (UC San Diego), 2013

Outstanding Contribution to AIAA Student Chapter at UC San Diego, 2014