Joshua Luoma

  • Program Year: 1
  • Academic Institution: Cornell University
  • Field of Study: Applied Physics
  • Academic Advisor: Gennady Shvets
  • Residencies:
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2024)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2019



Luoma, J. (2022). Two-color interferometry on COBRA. Presentation.

Luoma, J.; Elle, J. (2021). Absolute electron charge spectrometer for laser-wakefield acceleration diagnostics. Presentation.

Luoma, J.; Cheng, X. (2020). Modeling the heating of silicon by FEL x-ray irradiation. Presentation.

Luoma, J. (2019). Introduction to Plasma Physics and its Applications. Invited lecture.

Luoma, J.; Diallo, A. (2019). Laser ablation for the propulsion of micron-sized granules. Presentation.

Posters with oral presentation:

Luoma, J. (2023). Simulation of x-ray spectra from micro-pinches in Cu-Ti wires. Poster presented at the 65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Denver, CO.

Luoma, J.; Bennett, N. (2022). Power loss in the MAGLIF post-hole convolute. Poster presented at the Z Fundamental Science Workshop, Albuquerque, NM.

Luoma, J. (2022). Two-color interferometry on COBRA. Poster presented at ZNet Conference [Online].

Luoma, J.; Diallo, A. (2019). Laser propulsion and ablation profiles of impurity granules in NSTX-U. Poster presented at the PPPL SULI Undergraduate Showcase, Princeton, NJ.

Luoma, J.; Nau-Hix, C.; Thagard, S. (2019). Optimization of a plasma spinning disc reactor for water treatment. Poster presented at the AIChE Midwest Regional Conference, Chicago, IL.

Luoma, J.; Evensen, H. (2019). Aligned and network carbon nanotube transistors for sensing applications. Poster presented at the Regional Materials and Manufacturing Network, Oshkosh, WI.


Engineer in Training (EIT) with the Minnesota Board of AELSLAGID (acquired 2021)

Valedictorian of the College of EMS, UW-Platteville (2019)

College of EMS Commencement Speaker (2019)

Engineering Physics Scholarship (2019)

Best Presentation in Environmental Contamination & Treatment (August 2018): Awarded at the Clarkson Research and Project Showcase, Potsdam, NY

Sustainability Prize, Honorable Mention (August 2018): Awarded at the Clarkson Research and Project Showcase, Potsdam, NY

UW-Platteville Chancellor Scholarship (2015): Full tuition merit scholarship